1) Coffee, Tea or Hot Chocolate?

100% Hot Chocolate for me! I never really drink coffee or tea.

2) Best Christmas memory you have?

My favourite Christmas memories are all kinda merged into one from my childhood, the ones where all of my family are together for our Christmas Day parties! 

3) Which make up trend – dark lips or eyeliner?

Dark lips! I do need to up my eyeliner game though.

4) Favourite Christmas food?

Does stuffing and turkey count as just Christmas food??? I love pigs in blankets and basically just every food there is at Christmas time xoxox (but not Christmas pudding that’s nasty)

5) What is the winter weather like where you live?

It can depend, sometimes it snows, alot of the time it rains and it is almost always freezing! (I’m being dramatic, it’s not that cold, but it is still kinda cold lmao.)

5) What is your go-to fall/winter nail polish?

I try to switch it up every year, but I always find myself going back to the classic burgundy red!

6) Jeans or Leggings?

I have to say jeans! I never wear leggings, I don’t own any!

7) Riders or Uggs?

I love them both, but I do tend to wear my riders more than my Uggs in the Winter!

8) Favourite Autumn/Winter TV Show?

I’m A Celeb, 10000%. I don’t watch The X Factor or Strictly Come Dancing anymore. I’m just over those shows. 

9) What song gets you in the Christmas spirit?

Merry Christmas Everyone – Shakin’ Stevens, even though every Christmas song gets me in the Christmas spirit.

10) Multi-coloured or White fairy lights?

I have to say white fairy lights, they just seem so much more mature for me. I love coloured lights but I like to stick to a theme when it comes to Christmas decorations. 

11) What do you do on Boxing Day?

I’ve never been one to hit the boxing day sales, I just received a load of amazing presents, WHY would I need more?! Boxing Day is usually spent cuddled up in bed watching Christmas movies before a night out!

12) Gingerbread Men or Chocolate Chip Cookies?

Chocolate Chip Cookies!! I’m not that big a fan of Gingerbread!

13) Edinburgh or London at Christmas time?

I have to say London! I just loved Winter Wonderland!

14) One Christmas tradition?

My sister and I alwayyyys get matching pajamas and my family spend Christmas eve together with hot chocolates and christmas movies! We always wake up ridiculously early (yes, still!! Blame my sister) to open our presents! 


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