Well, it’s official. I finally, after months of waiting, got my hands on the most beautiful eye shadow palette I’ve ever owned. Ever. I’m not being dramatic, it really is worth the hype! Jaclyn spent 2 years on this pallete and her pickiness has done us no wrong!


Straight off the bat, I want to start with those COLOURS. The top left corner is a vibe! The palette really speaks to me on a spiritual level, it’s just gorgeous, and seeing it in person really makes all the difference. These colours are BEAUTIFUL! With a range of warm to cool tones, matte, satin and shimmer finishes, there is nothing Jaclyn hasn’t brought, it’s perfect and I’m in love.

Jaclyn goes into more detail about each shade, the reason behind the name, why it made the palette etc. in a reveal video on her Youtube channel, which you can watch here.

The colours swatch beautifully, they’re all so pigmented! The shimmer shades are so creamy, I was absolutely shook. Girl, Jaclyn straight up SNATCHED MY WEAVE. I cannot. This pallete is honestly Heaven. Here’s some swatches of each row, all going from left to right.

I have to say the shades I’m most drawn too are Cranapple, Sissy, Central Park, Butter, Jacz and Queen. I usually am quite intimidated by brighter, louder colours and always stay inside my  comfort zone, but honestly I’m so excited to try the crazier colours out! I haven’t had the chance to play with the palette as of yet, but during swatching there wasn’t any excess, which I’m really pleased about! There is nothing worse than fallout getting on your face whilst you’re tryna snatch your face!


The packaging is very different from Morphe’s usual black plastic. Jaclyn has opted for a white and silver combo, which I love. It definitely does the colours justice by making them pop. The palette has a lightweight feel and honestly I’m here for it!


Morphe is known and loved for it’s amazing quality products at an affordable price. This palette cost me £37 and I can honestly say it’s worth it. I haven’t been given any reason to regret buying the palette and more so, given the fact that I was so hyped about it for 3 months! Jaclyn did not come to play, so if you’re thinking about buying it, just do it! You will not regret! There’s something for everyone, so it’s guaranteed you’ll play around with all of the shades at some point. 10/10 recommend!

What are your thoughts on the palette? Let me know in the comments!

Thanks so much for reading!

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