I’ve been incredibly lucky on my birthday this year, as I am every year, surrounded by the most amazing friends and family! I cannot thank everyone enough for all my beautiful presents and just generally being around me! I love you all so much!

My amazing baby sister bought me a Revolution eye shadow palette, and a Real Techniques eyebrow kit and the most amazing NYX glitter I’ve ever seen! She also made me a cake with all my favourite chocolates on it!

 Becci is living in London so she wasn’t around for my birthday *cries* however she did send up these cards which I thought were so thoughtful and sentimental I nearly cried opening them! I loved this a lot!!

Sophie went all out by making me huge boxes worth of goodies! These gifts we’re so so lovely and thoughtful, each one had a little quote on them which I loved! I love having lots of little things to open, I just think it makes opening presents so much more fun, Soph knows I’m about that life and she made these presents super fun!

 Becca got me the cutest lil gifts and they’re all SO me I’m in love with them all! She also got me a Zoella diffuser in the scent ‘Homemade Treats’ which I literally ripped open and put out asap so there’s no picture of that!

Lil bought me the most amazing choker I’ve ever seen in my life!!!! and the bath bomb was amazing!

Here are some of the presents my little Grandma bought for me! She totally outdid herself, as she does every year! Here are just a few!!

I celebrated my birthday with a night out on the 19th August with a few of my gal pals, which was amazing!

And as you probably all know by now, I spent my actual birthday at Creamfields again, so you know I had the best birthday EVER seeing DVBBS and Tiesto, two of my forever faves!


Safe to say my 20th birthday was one of my best yet! I gotta feeling 20 is gonna be good to me! Got the best friends and family in the world and I couldn’t be happier right now! Thank you all for reading!

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