In November last year I visited the big city! I have wanted to visit this city for as long as I can remember, I’ve always had a feeling I’d feel at home in New York, and as soon as I got out of a lil’ yellow cab, I knew this city was for me.

We arrived in New York at around 5pm on a Sunday, and got to our apartment at about 8pm. I’ve never know traffic like it! We were in the taxi for hours. Sunday night was spent with the biggest pizza I’ve ever seen in my life and then going to bed at 9pm, because by that time I’d been awake for over 24 hours and my body couldn’t handle the jet lag. (I’ve never been jet lagged in my life before this, it’s literally the weirdest feeling ever.)

On our first day we were up and out by 8am (jet lag). We headed straight to Central Park, the whole trip was basically me just being in complete awe of the fact I was actually in NEW YORK. We walked from the West side of Central Park and came out on 5th Avenue and it was just SO surreal. We went to the MET, got our pictures on the steps, then headed to Grand Central Station, which again was just mind blowing.

We did some shopping in Sephora, had a walk round the Financial District and then headed to Times Square! I was a little shook at Times Square, it’s not at all what I expected! It seems so much bigger in movies! But amazing nonetheless.

 I had such an amazing first day! Thank you for reading – check back for more very soon!

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