We spent day 3 of our holiday exploring the town of Fira – where we found the only Mcdonald’s on the island, and you know that’s where we had lunch, we have no shame. Fira is where you will find the active volcano! It was so weird to actually see in person, such a surreal experience. We spent the whole day in Fira and decided to stay to watch the sunset, so we bought crepes, (as we do everywhere we go, a tradition that started in Alcudia in 2014. We’re yet to find better crepes than from the crepe man!) we sat in quite a touristy spot but as it was October, it was quiet and there weren’t many people around. I don’t think I’ve ever actually taken time out of my day to watch the sunset, so to do this in Santorini with one of the most amazing sunsets in the world was a magical experience!


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