Whilst I was planning Blogmas this year, I was struggling to come up with ideas! My little sister came up with an ‘or’ tag, but made it Christmassy!

1) Red or Green?


2) Star or Angel on top of the tree?

I prefer a star because it feels more modern for me!

3) Tinsel or No Tinsel?

Tinsel for sure!

4) Christmas Eve or Christmas Day?

Christmas Day! It does always get a little sad towards the end but it’s a day surrounded by my favourite people! I feel like Christ

5) Countdown to Christmas or Christmas Day?

Countdown to Christmas is so much more exciting than Christmas Day!

6) Giving Presents or Receiving Presents?

Giving! I love planning and buying presents for people!

7) Christmas Jumpers or Santa Hats?

Can I say both?

8) Christmas Bed Sheets or No?

Yes! I’m obsessed with all things Christmas so for me, Christmas bedding is a must!

9) Snow or No Snow?

Snow, obviously! As cold as it is, there’s nothing more magical to me than a white Christmas!!

10) Home for Christmas or Away for Christmas?

Home, always!! I’d hate to be away for Christmas!

11) The Grinch or Arthur Christmas?

OMG! I love both films so much, but I’d have to say The Grinch.

12) Real or Fake Tree?

Fake for me, I don’t like the look of real trees as much, and they’re soooo messy!!! We’ve always had a fake tree, and I just guess I’m used to them!

13) Chocolate or Beauty Calendar?

I’ve always had a Chocolate calendar! I don’t know if I’d enjoy a beauty calendar as much, I’m so picky about my make up!

14) Christmas Day Morning or Christmas Day Night?

Morning! I love giving my family their presents!

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